Moving On? Choosing a relocation company to help…

As we all know, a time of change is often a time of great stress and none more so that when it involves a move.  Whether that is an entire family relocation or packing up your student ‘child’ to head off to university, there is just so much to do…from working out what items you want to take, to sorting and cleaning it ready to be packed and so on.  But before you can even start on that, the decision making begins with finding the ‘right’ relocation company to help you…argh!

We talked to expert James Sanderson of Boxchain-Moving, Singapore, to get his insight on how to choose a relocation company:

“We know there are no shortage of moving companies on the island, all offering the same narrative.  It’s a tricky service to purchase, because you are being sold a promise and not something you can trust completely from the get-go. Recommendations are a good start but services can change, calibre of staff changes and so on.

“Cost is a major factor, and of course a ‘job well done’ is essential. More and more people are having to pay personally for their move and it’s not a thrilling purchase, especially when there are so many bills and issues to settle before leaving!

“We set up Boxchain-Moving as, being part of the expatriate community ourselves, we could see that people are looking for a more cost-effective yet personal solution and with over 22 years experience in the relocation business we were in the perfect position to offer it.  Boxchain-Moving offers a clear and simple range of services that give you the level of control that you want. Only shipping a few boxes?  Easy, choose our Boxchain Lite or Boxchain Lite Plus options and only pay for the volume you use and take care of your own packing.  Looking to ship everything and the kitchen sink?  Also easy!  Use our container service and enjoy a personal service from start to finish.”

Boxchain-Moving, operated by Icon Relocation, are offering all School Notices Asia members 10% OFF all new bookings made throughout 2019…find out more here.

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