Moving on as a Family

When you think about moving house, doesn’t your heart sink as you automatically think of all the many jobs that you (yes you!) will have to do to oversee and manage it all?  Think again.  The moving remit doesn’t have to fall with just one person – let it be a family affair. Part of expat life is to move, whether that be every 2, 5, or even every decade and if you move with young kids they will be there for every move you make.

Even if you are hiring a professional moving company, for a move both within or outside of Singapore let the kids help out with these age appropriate jobs.  Who knows, it could take a little bit of the stress out of it all!


Now, we know what you are thinking.  Toddlers can’t be of any use whatsoever!  Quite the reverse.  Let them be a part of it by taking decisions as to whether to pass on pre-loved teddies, toys or trinkets to friends who aren’t moving or to those children in need of such items.  Job done within half an hour?
Then let them play and have fun.  Who says a roll of tape and a box won’t entertain them – let their imaginations run wild from creating their own house, rocket ship or car, its all there for them to create and imagine.

Elementary  / Prep  / Middle School Children

This group is undoubtedly the sweet spot group!  They are old enough to be really quite useful but young enough to do it without out the strong viewpoints.  Like the Toddlers they can sort their things and room but also make the decision themselves whether to keep, donate or chuck, and then help to sort it into appropriate piles in their room.  Once this is done they can then tidy up their rooms and put things away into boxes or cupboards to make it easier for the professional movers.

Also nimble with their limbs at this stage they can make up boxes, organize packing supplies and put appropriate labels on the boxes.  Give them a task to undertake themselves which isn’t attached specifically to themselves or their possessions – ie sort out the spice cupboard, look through the games cupboard, help dad with his tool box.

If you have any pre-teens in the house then they can really pitch in but it might take some creative suggestions from you to give them the nudge they need.  Don’t forget this is a tough time for them if they are moving on from their friends, sports clubs and school.

Focus not only on the here and now but also the future. Let them envisage their new bedrooms and let them choose the paint and possibly some new items for their rooms. Get their input as to what they might like in the new home – house plants if you go into an apartment, netball / basketball hoop if you find yourself with a garden or patio etc etc.

Kids love a yard sale and this is the perfect age to do just this.  With the items they have pre-organised, they can set up the sale, draw up a price list and get them into the serious task of selling their pre-loved items not only from their rooms but from around the house and the items you have sorted out too.

Senior / High School Children

Aha, this is the tricky group!  Teens have a lot going on generally but add in a move and the teenager may just get more grumpy and the pout may increase!  However, the good news is that they are old enough to help out with some heavy lifting, disassembling furniture and re-decorate where necessary.  All for a price of course. A little extra pocket money for all of this hard work sees wonders!!

This is the age where they can sell larger items online for you.  You need to be careful about sites where there are age-restrictions but they can certainly help out in this category by working out a realistic price, taking photos, uploading them and write the descriptions.  It will become all the more appealing if they know they will get a % of the proceeds….if this is the case sit back and watch them sell, sell, sell!!!

Give them the promise that they can decorate the rooms how they want – it may not be the Beautiful Homes cover shot you were hoping for but remember they are leaving home soon enough and you can always repaint…

Let them do the grunt work to help ease the strains and pains that is taking the toll of our older bodies!  Let them scramble up into lofts, cellars or tiny cupboards to help out!

If your child is a boarder or has already left for university then make sure you go through your child’s room when they come home for a holiday or break pre-move otherwise you will be moving with unnecessary items.  Be organized and think ahead of time.

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