LOVE NILS, Super Hero Benefit

One of the wonderful things about the School Notices community are the number of truly inspiring people within it. Across all our member schools there are some incredible stories of parents, staff and alumni who have overcome adversity, achieved personal dreams and engaged and inspired the rest of us in doing so.  We love nothing more than championing these incredible people and so today we shine the spotlight on Lesli Berggren, a Texan who arrived in Singapore back in 1998 with twins Claire & Nils; a Singapore American School alumni parent and founder of LOVE, NILS….

Here is Lesli’s story…

“Hello. I’m Lesli. In 2012 my son Nils was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphona cancer at the age of 13. I spent a year and a half navigating my teenage son’s cancer, in and out of hospitals in Singapore and Seattle.

Miraculously he beat cancer. Months later, complications arising from a stem cell transplant tragically took him away from me and my family.

Throughout this ordeal to keep my son alive, I learned deeply about the reality for children with cancer and their caregivers and the healing power of relationships and community. I have had first-hand insight into how doctors and nurses work; the good, bad and ugly of both Eastern and Western medical systems and the hospitals that house them.

Chemotherapy, radiation and stem cell transplants may be the medical terms of hope. But healthcare guidance, emotional, social and community support are just as crucial. Unfortunately, some hospitals despite their best efforts, have not yet been structured to fully provide what is so desperately needed.

Even in our darkest moments, I remember my son always reaching out to children he perceived to be suffering more than him. That’s why I started LOVE, NILS. To reach out to families fighting cancer and to have their back every step of the way.

As a non-profit organisation, we aim to share knowledge, resources and a community, to give shelter both physically and emotionally, and to provide a foundation for resilience and hope.  Our overarching goal is to make sure that those who have to go through what our family did, is to know that they are not alone. Never give up.”

The LOVE, NILS Super Hero Benefit to support children with cancer in Singapore takes place on Saturday 16th November.  You are all invited to join in and use your super powers to help raise funds with the amazing live, silent auction and raffle items; food, drinks, music, super heroes, Star Wars Storm Troopers and more under a tent and stars! Click here to get more information and your tickets: Super Hero Invitation

Find out how else you can support LOVE, NILS HERE

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