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You know the saying, variety is the spice of life…never is this more true than on our noticeboards where we are lucky enough to see a wide selection of items every week. We get so excited every time we see a new post, especially those which spark our interest on a personal level.  From rental and vacation properties; part-time work and internships; community work and volunteering opportunities right down to our everyday For Sale and Wanted noticeboard items.

But where do you go if you’ve got a treasure from Granny? A gem picked up from an overseas market or an especially interesting and valuable piece to sell?

We are excited to announce that HotLotz has become the first of our official Business Partners on our site…keep an eye on our noticeboards as they bring us a sneak peak of items which will be appearing in their saleroom auction that month and be the first to make your bid.

In Singapore, HotLotz puts up about 10,000 items for auction in a year, ranging from porcelain pieces and designer fashion, to expensive jewellery and works of art. The auction house conducts 60 auction sales a year, with items being sold for anything from S$20 to S$20,000.

HotLotz aims to bring auctioning to the masses with the difference being that HotLotz has two types of auctions: one which is targeted at the Singapore market, and another for a more global audience – usually for those valuable items.

HotLotz will gladly take on your treasured items with all other mainstream items, opportunities and offerings being available through the School Notices platform.  Its the perfect partnership that caters to your specific needs and desires, happy browsing!

To check out the weekly catalogue of HotLotz sales, visit

To see what’s hot on our noticeboards this week, click here 

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