HEAD Space with Dover Court International School

In the first of our new series, HEAD Space, we talk to the Heads from our Member Schools to find out what makes them tick at school and beyond…starting with Christopher Short, Principal of Dover Court International School.

When did you start working in education/teaching and who or what inspired you?

In 1988 I left school with the offer of a place to study Economics at University after my GAP year in Australia. A year working at a boarding school in New South Wales gave me my first experience of working in a school. I was involved in photocopying, management of the VHS video collection, outdoor education, boarding house supervision and some Mathematics teaching.  I so enjoyed the experience and working with teachers I returned to the UK and applied for a combined degree and teaching qualification in Chemistry and Mathematics. I then started teaching in 1993.

How long have you been living in Singapore and the Principal at Dover Court International School?

I have been Principal of DCIS and living in Singapore since July 2016. My family previously lived here so I have been visiting on and off since 1984.

What advice would you give to one of your new school joiners?

My advice for our staff and students alike when they join Dover Court is – Look for the opportunities that DCIS/Singapore give you, don’t focus on what you don’t have in your new country/school.

If you weren’t Principal of DCIS, what would your dream job be?

I’ve been a diving instructor for 25 years so I’d quite like to do that full time at some point in my life. I’ve just started learning to fly so I must have a hidden desire to be a pilot! I’ve always thought I’d make a good weather presenter – a great balance of science and the art of presenting.

What is your all-time favourite book?

I read To kill a Mockingbird as part of my O Level English and it didn’t really click with me as a 16 year old. I’ve more recently re-read it and find the themes very compelling and so relevant now.

What was your favourite subject when you were at school?

Science and Mathematics. I did A Levels and that was the extent of my subjects – I really wish I’d been able to do the IB Diploma as I have a wide range of interests that I could have studied.

What are the top three apps on your phone right now?

  • Apple Health App for counting my steps. I’m approaching a significant birthday which is focussing my mind!
  • Trip Case for planning my (reasonably) frequent flights
  • Twitter for keeping across news and updates from DCIS teachers

What is the best thing about your school?

The community we have at Dover Court is diverse and inclusive and lends itself to a welcoming, vibrant and dynamic atmosphere on the campus. We have children and students with a wide variety of needs so as well as supporting children to gain Grade 9 at GCSE and over 40 points in the IBDP we have young people with complex support needs.

What or where is your favourite place/hidden treasure to go on the “Little Red Dot”?

I love visiting areas such as Chinatown or Little India where you can soak in the atmosphere of the Singapore of old. As a child visiting my parents here I remember my first experience of a banana leaf curry.

What, in your view, makes the Singapore international school experience so special?

International schools lead the way in global character education bringing together dozens of different nationalities and cultures to broaden students’ experiences and prepare them for the increasingly connected world of work. Singapore leads the way as a global thinking multicultural city so the combination of the two experiences is unique and invigorating.

Established since 1972, Dover Court International School in Singapore is one of the leading inclusive British international schools in South East Asia.

We are delighted to invite all prospective families to our regular Open Mornings and a tour of our school.

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