De-Clutter your Life!

Kids and clutter. Like jelly and peanut butter, they undoubtedly go together.   It’s bad enough trying to sort out your own junk without having to deal with plastic fantastic, no longer wanted toys, discarded books, outgrown sports kit or uniform or long abandoned musical instruments (we defy you not to find a recorder or two still lurking somewhere in your house!).

For those of you who are on the tricky tack of moving every couple of years it does however come with its own silver lining. The chance to de-clutter.

Yes, we’ve all heard of Marie Condo and know that Hyggae and up-cycling are the buzz words at the moment but how many of us out there are actually doing it?  The simple things in life are free, so turn your attention inward and see how you can clear your home to create an inner calm in this crazy fast paced world of ours.

To start the whole process of creating the perfect bomb free mess, you need to start with de-cluttering.  Sure, you can start moving things around, tidying things away or hiding them in cupboards but is that really problem solving anything? Things will quickly start to get messy again but passing on pre-loved items and then organising it all will really see results. Let others enjoy what you or your kids once enjoyed.

The best place to start with is your wardrobe!  In her book, Spark Joy, Kondo explains “Clothes are ideal for practicing [the tidying up] skill first.”

Your clothes are very personal items in which you have complete control over what goes and what stays. To start, Kondo believes it’s important to take every article of clothing you own and put them into one big pile. This will allow you to see everything you have in one place, and help you evaluate what to keep and what to get rid of in one shot.  Think about whether you no longer wear a particular item and whether, if it’s still in good condition, you could give them a second life.

Once this has been done and you move onto other areas of the house it is important to note that things may resemble Armageddon before it gets better.  Don’t give up, keep on going!  The results will come through.

Give responsibility to your children too – when they see you tidy up and learn that there is a place for everything it will be easier for them to follow your example, for them to understand that charity begins at home and to give others who less fortunate than themselves a chance to enjoy it.

Also know that we are here to help.   Post your pre-loved items on our noticeboards for us to share your notices out to the international community of Hong Kong.  You will feel so much better knowing others will get as much enjoyment out of it as you did – from transformers to tea cups we’ve had them all!

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