Answers for The Great Singapore Quiz

Whether you consider yourself an ‘old hand’ or are ‘fresh off the boat’, how much do you really know about the place you currently call home?  We celebrate Singapore’s 54th Birthday with a fun quiz for all the family…good luck!

  1. The 2000 film Chicken Rice War is an adaptation of which of Shakespeare’s plays? Romeo & Juliet
  2. What does the letter ‘C’ refer to when you order a Kopi-C? The Carnation brand of evaporated milk
  3. Which Chinese dialect has been the most influential in the development of Singlish? Hokkien
  4. How long is a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) on a taxi valid for? 8 years
  5. If you ‘catch no ball‘ when conversing with a Singaporean, what are you failing to do? Understand Singlish
  6. In which team sport has Singapore won twenty-one consecutive gold medals at the Southeast Asian Games since 1965? Water polo
  7. What colour would a slice of pandan chiffon cake be? Green
  8. If an event is described in Singlish as ‘liao’, does it happen in the past, present or future? Past (it means already)
  9. Collectively, what are the islands of Subar Laut and Subar Darat often known as?  Sisters Islands
  10. In 1990, three individuals of which species swam across the Straits of Johor to live on Pulau Ubin until they were relocated back to Malaysia? Asian Elephant

Well done!  Got some fun questions to throw back at us?  Email us on 

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