A Little Extra

Relocating back ‘home’ sits in the back of our minds for so many of us.  Will it be this year? Or next? Will it suit all the family? Where will the children go to school and how will that transition go?

For those looking at the UK, the questions are likely to be more specific: Is my child up to speed with the UK curriculum? Will my child be able to pass ISEB Common Entrance exams having been educated overseas? How will my child fare once back in the British system within the UK?

All natural worries but luckily for us, all ones which can actually be resolved with a little help and planning ahead of the move. What’s more, you can even tap into a host of educational resources from the comfort of your own home with a plethora of online options.  But where to start?

We take a look at Atom Learning, an adaptive, online learning platform. Having partnered with Galore Park, the specialist publisher of ISEB / Key Stage 2 revision materials, they are geared specifically towards helping children in years 5 & 6 prepare for their pre-tests and various 11+ assessments.

The platform covers English, Maths, Verbal and non-verbal reasoning and teaches through a combination of practice questions, video tutorials and revision sheets. Each question has been designed by a professional school teacher and children get instant, detailed feedback on why they have answered a question correctly or incorrectly. 

Atom Learning is fully adaptive, meaning the content will get more or less difficult depending on how the individual pupil is performing. There is also a mock test area which exactly mirrors the real ISEB Common Pre-Tests in scoring and design and is designed to help students prepare for senior school entrance assessments.

 Hundreds of the UK’s leading prep schools use this to prepare their children for senior school entrance tests as well as to guide curriculum content. It’s a great way to set rewards if your kids hit their ATOM targets each week and requires very little monitoring.

Take the stress out of it all and let Atom guide you and your child through the process of UK pre-tests and assessments.   To help you make your mind up Atom Learning are offering all School Notices Singapore parents a free trial, followed by a 10% discount using this discount code* qdoUMuGZ

*offer ends 31st March 2020



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