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Interviews, Volunteering and Conservation

LOVE NILS, Super Hero Benefit

One of the wonderful things about the School Notices community are the number of truly inspiring people within it. Across all our member schools there are… Read More

Posted on 10 November 2019

Careers and Networking

Climbing Back On The Career Ladder

Here’s the second part of our series to help you find your way back to the workplace in the most effective way possible.  And if you… Read More

Posted on 2 November 2019

Lifestyle, Relocation

How can you explain impossible house prices in London and the Hong Kong & Singapore effect?

In the second in our series about buying property in London, we talk to Jeremy McGivern, the Leading Expert on London Property, author of ‘The Insider’s Guide… Read More

Posted on 1 November 2019

Education, Interviews

Counting Sheep…Spotlight on Pippa Chorley

Who doesn’t love a good children’s book? Frankly, we could lose ourselves for hours looking through all those lovely illustrated books on our shelves, whether it’s… Read More

Posted on 1 November 2019